This website is the backbone of research into ExposingZionism & it's corruption.

Here is the main website below: 


But please read this page for the understanding behind that research, as well as my Research Page, to show you where I draw my conclusions from,should you wish to investigate yourself.

Here I am like the masked magician Val Valentino, exposing his tricks no smoke & mirrors or illusions to cover my act. Just facts, knowledge & most important is the connections they have within world events & general politics.

I want you to know what I know, but also how I know. How I have drawn my conclusions & where I have my evidence from, in order to want to "Expose Zionism" in the first place. For those who are skeptical of the whole thing or haven't even started to look into Zionism. (Which some days I wish I never had either).

This is my Research which I intend on adding to as I keep on increasing my knowledge of Zionism & their corruption within politicspast & present.

I want to direct you to the Videos, that help most in showing this & books which show you undeniable evidence to back this research up.

The most important piece of information, for this whole agenda is "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".

To most that may seem bizarre or very "anti-Semitic". 

If you do a little research into "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", you most immediately will find pages within the Jewish community's & forums denying their existence or claiming them to be forgeries, by someone who is an anti-Semite & others saying they're only saying this, so they don't have to dodge questioning over their existence ect.

The answer to all of this is simple. If these protocols aren't being carried out, we should be able to read them & say they're rubbish, because nothing of the sort is happening. But the fact of the matter is they appear to be being carried out.

Not by the whole of the Jewish race at all. This is why Jews state the protocols of Zion are rubbish, because they aren't the ones carrying them out. But they're being carried out by Zionists. You can consider it a dirty off branch of the religion, a sort of tangent that is aimed squarely at politics & justifies it's wrong doings by an interpretation of the Jewish faith, as the end justifies the means, because "We're the chosen ones, by G-d." Like a deluded cult, which is completely man made, with no divine intervention, but that of greed & slavery of mankind.  The bulk of good, honorable Jewish people, are feeling the full flack of their actions & people need to be aware of the actions of the Zionist elite, carrying out acts within the name of the whole of Judaism & that Zionism is not Judaism.

The reason this is, Zionism doesn't necessary need have anything to do with the Jewish faith at all, as you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. It simply uses the safety blanket of the Jewish faith, to justify its own existence, but also more than that, so when people attack them & speak out who are not Jewish, they call them an "anti-Semite" & "Racist". Or if you're a Jew you're a "Self-Hating Jew"or"anti-Zionist". I'd love to be branded an anti-Zionist, that is exactly what I amas I oppose it in all its forms & my Research will hopefully show why you should feel this way too.

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Knowledge is Power, Information is valuable.

None of this information I am providing, am I charging for at all & this is a lot of research, as I want this information to be available to anyone who wishes to Research this subject.

As to find the work like this to study out right, I know myself is a very obscure thing & you have to do some digging & filling in of blanks with other pieces of information, which are not directly related with Zionism itself, but you can see where they had influence within that subject.

For instance, one thing I found very fascinating myself is, if you study Zionism & look over David Irvin's books, which provides a different, more reliable version of history, which isn't manipulated by an agenda of the establishment. 

As Zionism spans the times of both World Wars, which they had a lot of influence in & gained a lot from it. So when you bring the two together you get a lot more from Irving's books & a lot of things start to make more sense.